Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii, USA

Post Spinal Fusion Surgery – Professional Level Racquetball

Eagle played 17 years of the sport he loved, Racquetball! Both International and professional Racquetball (plus three US National Team terms).

This is video footage of his post spinal surgery and yoga rehab success.

“The practice of YOGA is the single most important tool to the MODERN ATHLETE”
� Eagle (Ashtanga For Athletes)

“yoga rehab” success…

Eagle Vs Fowler Game 1

Eagle Vs Fowler Game 2 Pt.1

Eagle Vs Fowler Game 2 Pt.2

Eagle Vs Fowler Game 3 Tiebreaker Pt. 1

Eagle Vs Fowler Game 3 Tiebreaker Pt. 2

Eagle Vs Karp Game 1

Eagle Vs Karp Game 2

Eagle Vs Karp Game 3 Tiebreaker

“The ZONE is just a state of awareness” – Eagle

Moon Days

Moon Days 2016

New moon	January 9
Full moon	January 23
New moon	February 8
Full moon	February 22
New moon	March 8
Full moon	March 23
New moon	April 7
Full moon	April 21
New moon	May 6
Full moon	May 21
New moon	June 4
Full moon	June 20
New moon	July 4
Full moon	July 19
New moon	August 2
Full moon	August 18
New moon	September 1
Full moon	September 16
New moon	September 30
Full moon	October 15
New moon	October 30
Full moon	November 14
New moon	November 29
Full moon	December 13
New moon	December 28


Ashtanga yoga practitioners should not practice on the days of the new or full moon. The day you rest is the day of your regular practice time nearest the new or full moon.