Ashtanga Yoga for Athletes

Elite training for Athletes, Dancers, Musicians and Artists

The principal of great performances, that of Athletes, Dancers, Musicians and Artists, is awareness. The ability to be AWARE during a performance is pure and free flowing creative expression. The practice of traditional Ashtanga Yoga as set out by late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of the KPJ Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India, is a “Master Key” to the cultivation of focused attention in action.

Daily practice with an intention to grow and evolve will bring you to your best

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* $100 extra charge per session for calls south of Lihue

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The practice of YOGA is the single most important tool to the MODERN ATHLETE.

— Eagle


Balance and freedom

The practice of traditional Ashtanga Yoga as a daily lifestyle is the most complete and balanced system in and of itself. When taking a look at repetitive motions during training, resting and performance, over time we begin to see a undenied relationship to the re-balancing of the Athlete with daily practice. The Athlete soon finds “ease” in any and all of the movements needed to perform to their highest abilities. The development and control of quality deep free breathing, lifting of the pelvic floor with a stable lower abdomin - Mula Bandha & Uddiyana Bandha and increasing the quality in which our feet touch the ground. Plus our ability to maintain “drishti” (visual focus).

This forms the foundation of “balance and freedom” in motion.
It is ancient science.

Empower your performance

Athletes often already have a sense of “inner radar” to a range of degrees. Over time the Athlete will become very sensitive to the inner workings of his body, breath and mind. This will serve to decrease the amount of injuries that occur as well as increase the athletes recovery rate. The mind will sharpen to the task at hand as it has a sense of the present breath. As the individual transforms into a “lighter” athlete, it will allow the performer to reveal their greatest potential, complete freedom.

It is the intention of “Ashtanga For Athletes” to support and empower each performer for each performance. Mahalo to Sri K. Pattabhi Jois for spreading this tradition method of practice for the benefit of Athletes all over the World.


“Yoga Rehab Success”

Recovering from the horrific car accident that damaged Eagle’s lower spine forced him to undergo extensive surgery, including a sacral fusion of the lower vertebrae. And two years later, Eagle made an unprecedented comeback into the extremely physical world of professional racquetball. He quickly attained a position as one of the world’s top ten players, where the doctors were stunned by his remarkable recovery.

Read the full story by Jesse Washington, published in Houston Press, “Speed of Light”, November 23, 2000

Eagle – former professional athlete turned “Authorized” Ashtanga Yoga instructor, will help you learn the method correctly and with safety.

Let an athlete cultivate their inner witness and watch out as they display grace in motion

— Eagle


Fusion Elements

Discover a digital reference flipbook Computer Download of the traditional Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series taught by the late great master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. Featuring the entire FUSION ELEMENTS IN SOUND formula – a dynamic, detailed blueprint.


Post Spinal Fusion Surgery

“Yoga Rehab Success” Professional Racquetball