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20th Anniversary Celebration!
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Private Yoga Instruction on the Island of Kauai

Island Instructor

Eagle, a former professional athlete turned “Authorized” Ashtanga Yoga instructor, traditionally trained by the late Indian master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sri R. Sharath Jois, current lineage director of the KPJ Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India.

Eagle and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Eagle and Sri R. Sharath Jois

Enjoy private yoga instruction at your home, hotel or chosen location

$100 per One hour *

* $50 extra charge per session for each addition student
* $100 extra charge per session for calls south of Lihue

Call (808) 652-9009

After years of student sessions, many have reported an overall enhanced sense of possibility, a sense of peace. A kind of clarity and confidence began to grow within. The control of the breath allows for the mind to quiet and the benefits can endlessly unfold from there.

— Eagle


One-on-One & Two-to-Three

Private Yoga Instruction will cover the foundation of Asanas (posture), Pranayama (breathing technique), Bandhas (internal muscular locks-Mula, Uddiyana, Jalandhara), Mantra (Ashtanga Yoga Opening & Closing Mantra), Vinyasa (breath & movement system), Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations), seated breath awareness Meditation practice and general Yoga Philosophy.

Lessons may vary from student to student, seeing that the “individual” is met at their own capacity. A safe free flowing breath is our guide in the Yogic process. Students will gain an understanding of how to continue a daily yoga practice in a safe and sustainable manner. More seasoned practitioners will be supported on a deeper level to serve the needs of the individual. The key to always remember is “deep free breathing” is the name of the game.

Group Yoga

Custom fit Yoga Classes can be booked at your home, hotel, condo or time-share location! Serving groups from 4–40 people. Make contact for special needs and requests!


Nature Walks

Breath Awareness Nature Walks are a blend of two key parts on the Island of Kauai. One are the many super beautiful walking trails and the other is the delicious clean Kauai air. These sessions begin after the student and instructor choose a trail of choice. See kauai guide book or ask for instructors picks. Gentle asanas (postures) with the focus on a walking “vinyasa” (breath and movement system). The foundation of basic pranayama (breath control) are taught as well. Thus making this a walking breath meditation on a jungle trail or beach walk.

Guided Ocean Meditations

Guided Ocean Meditations are a chance to “check-in” with the energy of the ocean as you get grounded in the beach sand while drawing energy within yourself with breath focused meditation methods. Students will learn about the process of Meditation and experience gentle Asanas (postures) and basic Pranayama (breath control) serving as tools to continue a Life-long Meditation practice.

Private Yoga Instruction is available worldwide. Contact Eagle for the global network referral!


Fusion Elements

Discover a digital reference flipbook Computer Download of the traditional Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series taught by the late great master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. Featuring the entire FUSION ELEMENTS IN SOUND formula – a dynamic, detailed blueprint.


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