Fusion Elements In Sound

…this is a journey into sound

Aloha. Based on the practices, techniques, methods, and philosophies or ELEMENTS, I refer to them, which have served me by maintaining more significant states of balance over the past 25 years.

Life is a FUSION of Elements



Full Ashtanga Yoga Primary series. Including the authentic sequence and posture alignment. Along with all vinyasa/breath movement transitions, asana/posture names and drishti/eye gazing focal points. (English & Sanskrit).

Key practice techniques derived from experiential knowledge.

Complete Ashtanga Yoga 8 LIMBS Philosophy along with translation.

Opening & Closing Ashtanga Yoga Chanting/Mantras (translations text & audio).

724 slides of informative content, critical teachings with photos and quotes.

Including 60 Minutes audio MP3.

Empowering to many, the message of this dynamic “audio & visional” project is timeless and universal. Take the journey to self-realization, self-awareness, peace, ease & freedom. The FUSION ELEMENTS IN SOUND “Pineapple Yoga” Computer Download is now available. (724 slides & 1 hour audio)

“The mystics remind us, we become what we think about.”

Mahalo Nui Loa
Namaste, Eagle

FUSION ELEMENTS Computer Download

Digital files
(text & audio)

724 slides of informative content, critical teachings with photos and quotes.

60 Minutes audio MP3 (320kbs).

Complete album artwork along with full color liner notes.

There is no age limit for the practice of yoga and it can be practiced by anyone – by women, men, the weak, and by those who are sick or disabled.

— Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

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